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Welcome to Human Medical Solutions.

Human Medical Solutions Corp. strives to be a world-class company in the areas of the medical device and beauty care solution businesses.

We offer “smart urinary incontinence diagnosis and treatment devices”, “skin condition analysis systems”, and “ion plus mask packs”. Our main products, “urinary incontinence diagnosis and treatment devices”, are the fruit of years of our efforts and investment.

Our “urinary incontinence diagnosis and treatment devices” deliver
state of the art technology by converging IT and BT. These cutting edge
medical devices are the basis of telemedicine for urinary incontinence
patients, together smart blood pressure gauges, diabetometers, heart
rate monitors, and oximeters.

We strive to make our “Urinary incontinence diagnosis and treatment
devices”, essential equipment during remote medical treatment, for
urinary incontinence patients around the world. We are also continuing
to focus on our beauty care products.

Thank you.

From the member of Human Medical Solutions